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Aug 12

Accident Report: Failure to Launch

Bad Driver's Handbook

Bad Driver’s Handbook (Photo credit: billypalooza)

These drivers didn’t get far before having to crash land somewhere. Here’s a look at a few of this week’s crash landings and other badly behaved drivers in the state of California. Some of these were better landings than others. Continue reading →

Aug 12

Anticipation for Carmageddon 2012 Grips LA

Carmageddon: From Mulholland to Getty Center

This stretch of the 405 through Malibu is usually packed with cars. A scene from Carmageddon I (Photo credit: modenadude)

One year ago, the drivers of Los Angeles were thrown for a loop when the 405 freeway, a major artery of the freeway system between two other major arteries, was shut down for two days. It was dubbed Carmageddon. Local airports offered flights across town. People fretted the city would come to a halt. Bikers and pedestrians who attempted to use the emptied 405 were promptly arrested.  Continue reading →

Aug 12

Roadside Memorials May Have Time Limit

English: Roadside memorial for Anthony "T...

Roadside memorial for Anthony “Tony” Potter on east side of Route 250  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When someone is killed in a car accident, it’s customary for the family and friends to grieve in whatever way they find most comfort. For some, they choose to mourn their loss by warning others about the dangers of car accidents in the form of roadside memorials.

Some memorials are simple flower wreaths or just a cross in the area where the accident happened. Others create posters and display pictures of the victims of the accident. Some simply ask other drivers to take caution on the road ahead. Continue reading →

Aug 12

Pedestrian Killed Attempting Bigfoot Hoax

ID: DMST8807422 Released to Public Service Dep...

The Bigfoot was wearing a suit similar to this. A Marine sniper wearing sniper camouflage gear known as a “ghillie” suit advances through a forest during a training exercise. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In news of the weird, it seems Bigfoot was hit by a car while attempting to cross a highway in Montana.

So that’s what happened to the Sasquatches of America!

Actually, the story was originally reported as a fatal pedestrian accident involving two vehicles and a man on the roadside on a rural part of U.S. Highway 93 near a town called Kalispell. The drivers, both teens, didn’t see the man in time to avoid hitting him. The accident happened around 10:30 at night on August 26. Continue reading →

Aug 12

Former Billionaire Boys Club Member Involved in Fatal Crash


Luxor (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)

A red light run resulting in a two car accident killed a pedestrian near San Francisco’s Tenderloin on August 11. The driver of the red light running cab in question has been identified as Reza Eslaminia, who some may remember from the Billionaire Boys Club scandal.

In the 1980s, the Billionaire Boys Club was the notorious group of young men who turned to murder in order to maintain a lavish luxury lifestyle. Ron Levin and Hedeyat Eslaminia were killed in an attempt steal millions. Continue reading →

Aug 12

Badly Behaved Drivers Round-Up for California

17-Mile Drive beach, California.

17-Mile Drive beach, California. No cars allowed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all hope we don’t run into these drivers on the road. The ones that throw caution to the wind and end up causing trouble for all their bad behavior. Take note of these accident causing ne’er do wells and make sure you steer clear.  Continue reading →

Aug 12

Be Careful at Crash Sites, Good Samaritans Electrocuted

Ameren power demonstration - 1700 volts hittin...

Ameren power demonstration – 1700 volts hitting a grounded dog. The hot dog serves as a human analog. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are present for an accident, pulling over to help the injured victims could be the difference between life and death. Don’t throw caution to the wind because someone else is in danger though. Good samaritans can be seriously injured or killed while trying to free a trapped motorist.

Two people were killed by electric shock attempting to aid a SUV that lost control while rounding a corner. Five others also suffered electric shock, but the driver was not at risk for shock. The driver hit a fire hydrant and power pole, which created dangerous conditions for outsiders as water gathered near the live wires.  Continue reading →

Aug 12

Woman Suing for $1.7 Billion Over Wi-Fi Parking Meters


FAIL (Photo credit: ShapeThings)

When the city of Santa Monica installed their “smart” parking meters equipped with wi-fi, they probably never thought they would be sued for meters messing with anyone’s cycle. A Denise Barton is doing just that, claiming the wi-fi signals used by the parking meters have caused health problems ranging from back to an irregular menstrual cycle.

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Aug 12

Car Crashes into Ditch, One Dead

Sacramento California

Sacramento California (Photo credit: www78)

Distracted driving can be the cause of many personal injuries associated with car accidents. Sometimes, negligent driving can even lead to a wrongful death accident. From texting to talking on the phone to falling asleep at the wheel, all these circumstances can lead to a dangerous situation when individuals are in a moving vehicle. These injuries can be inflicted on the person at fault or on innocent victims travelling on the roadway.

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Aug 12

Director/Producer Tony Scott Commits Suicide

WESTWOOD, CA - OCTOBER 26:  Director Tony Scot...

(Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Famous director Tony Scott jumped to his death on Sunday afternoon, August 19. The Hollywood director most famous for “Top Gun,” “Days of Thunder,” and “Beverly Hills Cop II” committed suicide by jumping off a bridge in Los Angeles. The death has been ruled as a suicide and his body has been taken to the Coroner’s office.

At around 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, Scott was seen at the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro, California. An onlooker witnessed Scott, 68, jump off the bridge and immediately called 911. Continue reading →