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Sep 12

Fox News Airs Car Chase Gone Wrong, Fails to Censor Suicide

English: FOX News Channel's Shepard Smith anch...

English: FOX News Channel’s Shepard Smith anchoring Studio B (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People like a good car chase. For whatever reason, footage of desperate criminals running out of gas with flat tires surrounded by police cruisers and news choppers keeps the attention of the public. Some people may even have their favorite chases, or at least memorable ones like the OJ Simpson car chase in the ’90s.

Fox News is known for airing live car chases on their programming. Shep Smith, one of the lead journalists for Fox News channel, is particularly fond of narrating car chases as they unfold for the audience at home. Today, in a clear case of someone asleep at the controls, Shep Smith’s program aired a car chase that ended in suicide that was aired across America.  Continue reading →

Sep 12

Improve Typeface Readability, Reduce Accidents?

English: Specimen of the Eurostile typeface. F...

English: Specimen of the Eurostile typeface. February 2007. Category:Typeface samples (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have a lot to distract us from the road in the modern car. As much as we try to mitigate the impact it has on our driving, it’s hard to totally ignore your car stereo or navigation, especially when it’s guiding your driving in real-time. Could it be something as minor as the font used on the stereo display slows down your reaction time?

A new study out of MIT found that the typeface used in user interfaces on car stereos, navigation and other devices drivers use on the go could have a significant affect on their driving. If it takes ten seconds longer to read a line because of the font, that would warrant a change in design. Continue reading →

Sep 12

Driverless Cars Officially Legal in California

English: Google driverless car operating on a ...

English: Google driverless car operating on a testing path (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Both hands on the wheel at 10 and 2 o’clock positions. Keep your eyes on the road. Don’t text while driving.  Use a hands-free headset if you need to answer a call. Leave the food, make-up, shaving and other distractions for another time. You have to pay attention to the road if you don’t want to cause an accident.

Now that Governor Jerry Brown has signed new legislation that allows autonomous vehicles, essentially driverless cars, to operate freely on California roadways we can all look forward to the day when our cars will pilot themselves and we’ll be free to enjoy the ride. Study up for class or work, get some last minute breakfast in the car and use your phone all while your vehicle navigates the road.  Continue reading →

Sep 12

California Middling in Auto Misery Index

English: The United States Esperanto: Loko de ...

The United States  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Which state is the worst for drivers? Depends on how you measure, but did their best to create a comprehensive chart of the best and worst states for drivers. The site based their rankings on the cost of car insurance, gas, average miles driven annually and the average yearly income of residents.

Overall, the United States has a misery index of 7 percent. The average American drives 14,133 miles a year and spends about $2,000 on fuel costs. The least miserable state is New Hampshire with a misery index of only 4.4 percent. Most miserable? Mississippi with 11.6 percent.  Continue reading →

Sep 12

Gov. Brown Signs Pipeline Safety Bills

Fire Debris, San Bruno Gas Line Explosion, 2010

Fire Debris, San Bruno Gas Line Explosion, 2010 (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)

California has seen some recent problems with pipelines and poor maintenance causing havoc for the residents nearby. Two years ago, the San Bruno explosion decimated a Bay Area neighborhood. This summer, a Chevron refinery fire resulted from a badly maintained pipe. The investigation for the Chevron fire could take more than a year to conduct as the records have little to offer.

This weekend Governor Jerry Brown of California has signed three bills that center on natural gas pipeline safety. These bills were drafted by the assemblyman local to the San Bruno explosion to help improve safety for Californians by making changes recommended by the National Transportation Safety Board.  Continue reading →

Sep 12

Accidental History: Accidents in Space Flight

Space Shuttle Endeavour landing

Space Shuttle Endeavour landing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, the country is abuzz as the space shuttle Endeavour makes it’s way to Los Angeles for its retirement. Perched on the back of Boeing jet, iconic spacecraft looks small in comparison, but people are nonetheless excited to glimpse the vehicle that made it through the atmosphere and back.

Endeavour’s last mission was in May 2011. It was named after the British H.M.S. Endeavour that safely delivered Captain James Cook to his discoveries around the world.  The shuttle was created back in 1987 to replace Challenger, which was lost in an accident in 1986. Here’s a look back at space-related accidents.  Continue reading →

Sep 12

Theme Park Riders Stuck 300 Feet in Air for Hours

7-WindSeeker seats

WindSeeker seats at Knott’s Berry Farm (Photo credit: jcgoble3)

Roller coasters are scary enough. The cars hurtle riders through the air and can occasionally be dangerous. At least when a roller coaster gets stuck, the riders can be reached by employees with food and water. It’s a little harder to help people suspended on wires 300 feet in the air.

That was the situation for the unlucky riders of the Windseeker at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California. Twenty of people swung in the air when the ride stalled at about 4 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. They weren’t brought down until three and a half hours later, after the park had been closed.

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Sep 12

Lindsay Lohan Strikes Again — Strikes a Pedestrian, Actually

This mugshot is found from http://www.perezhil...

This mugshot is found from, and the original is from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. 

What is it with young starlets and shenanigans in their cars? Lately, Amanda Bynes has taken the crown for the celebrity with the most run-ins and hit-and-runs with law in her expensive car. Not to be upstaged, Lindsay is back on the board with another arrest.

This time, Lindsay was brought in for clipping a pedestrian with her Porsche and leaving the scene of the accident. Since the incident was technically a hit-and-run, police served her a ticket to appear in court later. The man she hit was taken to the hospital and released after treatment for a knee injury.  Continue reading →

Sep 12

Wrongly Imprisoned Man Exonerated, Returns to Football

Original UFL logo (2007–2008)

Original UFL logo (2007–2008) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At 16-years-old facing a jury for a rape charge, Brian Banks was scared. The Long Beach Poly student was a rising star linebacker in the football program. He had a scholarship agreement to University of Southern California. Now, a childhood friend accused him of raping her.

Banks was arrested and his legal counsel advised him to plead no contest to the rape charges to avoid a life sentence should he go before the jury. He spent five years in jail as his teammates and friends went on to college. Banks was out on parole when the California Innocence Project took an interest.  Continue reading →

Sep 12

Los Angeles Parking Meter Cop Writes Ticket Early

A Honda Civic Hybrid used for enforcing parkin...

A Honda Civic Hybrid used for enforcing parking laws around Chinatown, Los Angeles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the battles of Los Angeles is the fight for parking. Not only are rates at a premium in the first place, whether you’re at the beach or downtown, the tickets will cost you should you forget to feed the meter. Meter maids are notoriously unforgiving when it comes to expired meters and other parking violations. There’s no grace period when it comes to paying for parking in Los Angeles.

One driver who returned to the meter in time was treated to watching the traffic cop write out the ticket five minutes before the allotted time ran out. The cop forges the ticket, but is caught by the owner, who documents the incident on video via his cell phone.  Continue reading →