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Dec 12

Egg Tracker May Help Prevent Salmonella Outbreaks, Assist Recalls

Color-enhanced scanning electron micrograph sh...

This photo shows salmonella infecting a human. It’s a bacteria often borne by dairy products requiring multiple recalls every year (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Questioning the products in your refrigerator after a recall is a normal response whenever word of salmonella contamination becomes public. How do you know for sure that the eggs on your shelf are safe? Often the solution is to toss anything questionable in the spirit of “better safe than sorry.” With a new tracing system, the Food and Drug Administration may have the tools necessary to say for sure what eggs are contaminated.  Continue reading →

Dec 12

Lindsay Lohan Charged in June Car Accident

Lindsay Lohan at Calvin Klein Spring 2007 Fash...

Lindsay Lohan was recently charged with three misdemeanors relating to her June car accident (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the heels of allegations of assault in a New York nightclub, Lindsay Lohan has new legal headache on the opposite coast. Earlier this year in June the troubled starlet was involved in a car accident where she rear-ended a dump truck in Los Angeles. Her statement to authorities clearly says that her assistant was driving and not the “Liz and Dick” biopic star. Now, police believe they have evidence to prove she’s lying.  Continue reading →