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Big Rig Driver Being Sued After Causing Six-Vehicle Accident

A Chevrolet Malibu involved in a rollover crash

A Chevrolet Malibu involved in a rollover crash (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Big rig crashes can be one of the scariest accidents to be involved in. The mass and weight of a truck can be intimidating and the amount of damage it can inflict is also frightening. Out on the roadways, semis can seem relatively safe if the driver is being careful and attentive to the drivers and passengers around. However, if a truck were to cause an accident or be part of one, the trauma and harm that results can be overwhelming.

A driver of a big truck is being sued for the accident and personal injuries he caused. On February 6, Gerald Pesicka was exiting on a freeway ramp in San Clemente when he ran a red light, hit a curb, and caused a chain reaction of accidents. A mother of one of the passengers who was seriously hurt filed the lawsuit, blaming the driver for reckless driving. Other people named in the lawsuit include the trucking company, Caltrans, the city of San Clemente, and the driver of the car whom the victim was riding with.

Pesicka, who is from Frazee, Minnesota, was exiting the I-5 south off of the Avenida Pico exit. He was reportedly going at an unsafe speed and ran a red light during an unsafe left turn. This careless move caused the truck to hit a curb, resulting in the chain reaction of at least six vehicles. The crash also struck down a traffic signal which then fell down and hit one of the automobiles.

One of the victims, Kevy Menges, was in a Volvo SUV. Her friend, Kiley Jones, was driving the SUV. They were struck by the semi on the off-ramp and had to be cut out of the car. Jones, 25, was able to recover from the personal injuries she had received. Menges, 23, suffered from brain trauma injuries and is currently in Denver, going through rehabilitation. Another person who was hurt in the accident was in a BMW. This individual only suffered minor injuries.

The lawsuit was filed on May 4 by Menges’ mother, Susan Menges. She is seeking compensation for the damages done, for the pain and suffering she has experienced, and the permanent disability the accident has inflicted on her daughter.

Pesicka had told officials that he hadn’t realized that he had been taking the off-ramp. Caltrans and the city of San Clemente are included in the lawsuit because of the dangerous conditions they have of a public road. An investigation is ongoing to see whether the area was unsafe. A conference for the lawsuit is scheduled for September 4.

The Menges family did the right thing by taking legal action. If you have received personal injury because of an accident that was not your fault, don’t let the guilty party get away with their carelessness. Contact a car accident lawyer and file a claim. You deserve compensation for you injuries, pain and suffering. Allow an attorney to help you during this troubling time as well as to help you defend your rights.

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