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Bobbi Kristina Houston Crashes Car Outside Home

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Bobbi Kristina Houston is pictured with her late mother. Recently, Bobbi Kristina was involved in a solo non-injury car crash outside her Georgia apartment. (Central Park, New York City September 1, 2009.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The conventional wisdom is that most accidents occur at home or very nearby. It’s a saying that does hold water. Most car crashes happen within five miles of a person’s home. About 52 percent of people who are involved in a crash are just a few miles away from their place of residence. Daughter of the late, great singer Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina, learned this statistic the hard way. 

Luckily, Bobbie Kristina was able to walk away from her car crash unscathed. The car safety features of her Chevy Camaro successfully protected her when she lost control of the vehicle while turning left out of her Georgia apartment complex, struck a curb and went off road. The car slid down an embankment and hit several small trees before finally coming to a stop on a local park trail. By the time authorities arrived on the scene, Bobbi Kristina had safely exited the vehicle and gone to the road side to signal for help.

While police don’t believe there is any reason to suspect drugs or alcohol, they did issue a citation to Bobbi Kristina for failure to maintain lane. It’s a ticket likely requiring her to pay a small fine and possibly puts three points on her license, according to Georgia ‘s Department of Driver Services.

This isn’t the first crash Bobbi Kristina’s expensive Camaro has been through a crash. Earlier this year, she got into a fender bender with hers and her former fiance’s Camaro when she tried to reverse into the space next to her now ex-fiance. Again, drugs and alcohol weren’t a factor so much as mistakes operating the vehicle. It could be that the apartment complex is cursed for Bobbi Kristina’s driving since the latest accident occurred just outside and the previous one occurred in the parking garage.

Incidentally, she recently broke off the engagement to her fiance and adopted brother Nick Gordon. Their matching Camaros won’t be crashing into each other again any time soon.

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