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Nov 12

Musical Roads to Prevent Accidents?


Bott’s Dots (Photo credit: Peter Kaminski)

Any driver who accidentally drifts out of the lane and on to the edge of the shoulder may be familiar with rumble strips that make a very loud noise and startle drivers into alertness. The deep grooves can also be substituted for Bott’s Dots, which are raised markers to help indicate lane lines. Either way, the placement and size of the groove or dot can create a rhythmic notes in the vehicle.

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Nov 12

Car History: The Woman Who Invented Wipers

English: Windshield wiper assembly removed fro...

English: Windshield wiper assembly removed from a 1990 Geo Storm Gsi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, riding in the car during a rainstorm wouldn’t be the same without the steady beat of windshield wipers chasing away the weather. The simple rubber blades allow for greater visibility in otherwise inclement conditions and help raise the bar of road safety. One American woman is credited with inventing the earliest version of the wipers we know today. Continue reading →