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Sep 12

Theme Park Riders Stuck 300 Feet in Air for Hours

7-WindSeeker seats

WindSeeker seats at Knott’s Berry Farm (Photo credit: jcgoble3)

Roller coasters are scary enough. The cars hurtle riders through the air and can occasionally be dangerous. At least when a roller coaster gets stuck, the riders can be reached by employees with food and water. It’s a little harder to help people suspended on wires 300 feet in the air.

That was the situation for the unlucky riders of the Windseeker at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California. Twenty of people swung in the air when the ride stalled at about 4 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. They weren’t brought down until three and a half hours later, after the park had been closed.

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Jul 12

Twelve People Stranded on Roller Coaster for Two Hours

The entrance of Superman: Ultimate Flight at S...

The entrance of Superman: Ultimate Flight at Six Flags (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Accidents and personal injury can happen at the least expected places, at the most unexpected times. Many accidents happen during the weekend. Everyone is seeking to have a fun time, to drive to faraway places, and to enjoy this time without any worries. However, possibilities of injuries can lurk anywhere. Just this past Sunday afternoon, on July 29, a group of theme park riders were stranded for almost two hours on a roller coaster.

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