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Nov 12

Crash on I-5 Kills 4, Injures 7 Sunday Night

This map shows the incorporated and unincorpor...

This map shows the incorporated and unincorporated areas in Sacramento County, California, highlighting Elk Grove in red. It was created with a custom script with US Census Bureau data and modified with Inkscape. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The stretch of Interstate 5 that runs from the Central Valley through Northern California tends to be one of the more boring drives in the state. The well traveled road mostly cuts through farmland in this area. It’s flat, largely two lanes in each direction and often smells like manure. Continue reading →

Oct 12

Family of Woman Killed by Border Patrol File Wrongful Death Suit

Border Patrol

Border Patrol (Photo credit: bill85704)

As more details emerge surrounding the case of a young mother shot and killed by a Border Patrol agent, the grieving family has filed a wrongful death suit against the Border Patrol. The young woman was present when plain-clothes agents responded to a report of drug use in a Chula Vista, California apartment. She left and was confronted at her car by a group of agents. She attempted to drive off with one of the agents clinging to the hood of her vehicle. After about 200 yards, the agent on the hood fired into the car multiple times.  Continue reading →

Oct 12

Bumble Bee Tuna Worker Found in Oven

Bumble Bee Fat Free Tuna Salad

Bumble Bee Fat Free Tuna Salad (Photo credit: iateapie)

Officials are struggling to understand how and why a Bumble Bee Tuna employee was cooked in a factory oven last week. The company, the man’s family and Occupational Health and Safety Administration has yet to unravel the details of the 62-year-old man’s demise. What was originally reported as an industrial accident has become the subject of much consternation.

The man who was found in the oven had worked at the Bumble Bee tuna plant in Santa Fe Springs, California for six years. His family said he was a hard working man, proud of his job and his family. They could not think of any reason he would be found in the furnace. The investigation is ongoing.  Continue reading →

Oct 12

Accident Report: Fatal Crashes on the Road

California Highway Patrol

It’s a jungle out there on California roads. This week saw some tough accidents, especially as poor weather conditions worsened the roads for the first time in months. Interstate 5 was the site of a fatal crash near Sacramento. In Los Angeles, a cyclist was killed by a sheriff’s car. Meanwhile, safety awareness is priority for the Bay Area town of Mountain View after a summer of pedestrian fatalities.  Continue reading →

Sep 12

Accidental History: Accidents in Space Flight

Space Shuttle Endeavour landing

Space Shuttle Endeavour landing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, the country is abuzz as the space shuttle Endeavour makes it’s way to Los Angeles for its retirement. Perched on the back of Boeing jet, iconic spacecraft looks small in comparison, but people are nonetheless excited to glimpse the vehicle that made it through the atmosphere and back.

Endeavour’s last mission was in May 2011. It was named after the British H.M.S. Endeavour that safely delivered Captain James Cook to his discoveries around the world.  The shuttle was created back in 1987 to replace Challenger, which was lost in an accident in 1986. Here’s a look back at space-related accidents.  Continue reading →

Aug 12

Pedestrian Killed Attempting Bigfoot Hoax

ID: DMST8807422 Released to Public Service Dep...

The Bigfoot was wearing a suit similar to this. A Marine sniper wearing sniper camouflage gear known as a “ghillie” suit advances through a forest during a training exercise. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In news of the weird, it seems Bigfoot was hit by a car while attempting to cross a highway in Montana.

So that’s what happened to the Sasquatches of America!

Actually, the story was originally reported as a fatal pedestrian accident involving two vehicles and a man on the roadside on a rural part of U.S. Highway 93 near a town called Kalispell. The drivers, both teens, didn’t see the man in time to avoid hitting him. The accident happened around 10:30 at night on August 26. Continue reading →

Aug 12

Former Billionaire Boys Club Member Involved in Fatal Crash


Luxor (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)

A red light run resulting in a two car accident killed a pedestrian near San Francisco’s Tenderloin on August 11. The driver of the red light running cab in question has been identified as Reza Eslaminia, who some may remember from the Billionaire Boys Club scandal.

In the 1980s, the Billionaire Boys Club was the notorious group of young men who turned to murder in order to maintain a lavish luxury lifestyle. Ron Levin and Hedeyat Eslaminia were killed in an attempt steal millions. Continue reading →

Aug 12

Car Crashes into Ditch, One Dead

Sacramento California

Sacramento California (Photo credit: www78)

Distracted driving can be the cause of many personal injuries associated with car accidents. Sometimes, negligent driving can even lead to a wrongful death accident. From texting to talking on the phone to falling asleep at the wheel, all these circumstances can lead to a dangerous situation when individuals are in a moving vehicle. These injuries can be inflicted on the person at fault or on innocent victims travelling on the roadway.

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Aug 12

Director/Producer Tony Scott Commits Suicide

WESTWOOD, CA - OCTOBER 26:  Director Tony Scot...

(Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Famous director Tony Scott jumped to his death on Sunday afternoon, August 19. The Hollywood director most famous for “Top Gun,” “Days of Thunder,” and “Beverly Hills Cop II” committed suicide by jumping off a bridge in Los Angeles. The death has been ruled as a suicide and his body has been taken to the Coroner’s office.

At around 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, Scott was seen at the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro, California. An onlooker witnessed Scott, 68, jump off the bridge and immediately called 911. Continue reading →

Aug 12

Two Boys Swept Away by River in Yosemite, One Dead

English: Vernal Fall is a large waterfall on t...

English: Vernal Fall is a large waterfall on the Merced River just downstream of Nevada Fall in Yosemite National Park, USA. It is 317 feet (97 m) high. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A family vacation turned into a tragedy when two boys were swept away by the river. A Southern Californian family traveled up to Yosemite for a family outing. What was supposed to be a relaxed and enjoyable day, turned into a hectic and sad disaster. Family members are now grieving the loss of two of their boys during this unfortunate accident.

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