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Oct 12

Staged Car Crash Ends in Arrests

English: Taken on December 27th, 2006 at 3 PM ...

English: Taken on December 27th, 2006 at 3 PM Pacific. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s a note for petty criminals out there — when staging a car accident for the insurance money, make sure that you aren’t facebook friends with your co-conspirators. That just might tip off investigators that something is not quite right about your accident claim. Continue reading →

Oct 12

Practice Caution Before Your Halloween Candy Coma

English: Candy corn, specifically Brach's cand...

English: Candy corn, specifically Brach’s candy corn. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every kid’s Halloween dream is to bring home more candy than they can carry. Every parent’s nightmare is to find the candy may have been contaminated or poisoned either by product negligence or tampering from an unseemly consumer issuing tricks in place of treats.  Continue reading →

Oct 12

Plane Crash In Bay Area Leaves 2 Dead

Glasair Airplane 557

Glasair Airplane 557 (Photo credit: v8media)

An experimental plane crash on Tuesday in Contra Costa County, California is still under investigation by both federal and local investigators. Two people are believed dead in the accident two miles from Byron Airport, but the identity of the deceased has not been confirmed yet. The coroner’s office is still waiting on dental results.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the experimental craft tcrashed at around 2 p.m. on Tuesday. The plane was a single engine, fixed wing Glasair III which was owned by a local resident. Continue reading →

Oct 12

How Prop 33 Affects Car Insurance for Californians

Vote 12345

Vote 12345 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Election day is only two weeks away. Hopefully by now everyone who is eligible to vote has registered in their state. Now it’s time to decide what items to vote for and against in local and national elections. The big talk this year surrounds the presidential race. Now take a look at a California initiative that affects drivers across the state.  Continue reading →

Oct 12

Big Rig Crashes on I-5 Stop Traffic

Deutsch: Newhall Pass Interchange

Newhall Pass Interchange (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was a bad day to be driving a big rig truck on Interstate 5 around Newhall, California today. In two crashes, 9 16-wheeler semi-trucks collided with each other in the truck tunnels on the bypass route for Newhall Pass. The accident caused at least one hospitalization for a driver that was trapped for nearly two hours.  Continue reading →

Oct 12

Lindsay Lohan’s Latest Crash Cleared

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 19:  A general view o...

NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 19: A view of Dream Hotel where Lindsay Lohan was arrested for allegedly hitting a pedestrian with her vehicle and leaving the scene. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Lindsay Lohan, the child star sweetheart turned courtroom frequenter, can breathe a sigh of relief this time. The charges brought against her for a New York City hit-and-run with a pedestrian have been dropped. You can read the original blog post here.

The young actress was apparently visiting some late night hot spots in the Big Apple when the accident occurred. She was driving her Porsche and clipped a chef that was on break in an alley. She then drove on believing there was no problem. Lohan stuck to her guns that the charges were bogus and she seems to have been right.  Continue reading →

Oct 12

Sunscreen Spray Recalled After Man Catches Fire

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Aerosol dynamics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The misting sunscreens have put the days of streaking, greasy lotions behind us. Unfortunately, those aerosols cans are a danger in their own right as one Massachusetts man learned. After applying Banana Boat misting sunscreen, the product caught fire on his skin and burned much of his body where the sunscreen was applied. The burns were second-degree in severity.

Banana Boat is now issuing a voluntary recall for their aerosol sunscreens, saying the misting valve is faulty. The company is looking into resolving the issue. It appears that four other known incidents have resulted in burns around the country.  Continue reading →

Oct 12

When Filing a Claim, Remember Statute of Limitations

Societe Le Chant du Monde v. Societe Fox Europ...

After you are in an accident, all you want is for the whole thing to be over. Unfortunately, there quite a few hurdles to jump over before you can receive a settlement and forget about the experience. Sometimes, in an effort to be avoid a huge headache the smaller accidents are handled under the table. It can be a great way to keep insurance premiums down and get repairs done expediently.

In some of those cases, there may be some unseen effects of the accident that you aren’t aware of at the time. You may not have gone to the doctor following your accident or went to the auto shop for a full diagnostic on your vehicle. Later, these effects may emerge and you may need to file a lawsuit. If that’s the case, make sure you understand the statute of limitations.  Continue reading →

Oct 12

Ford Fiesta Airbag Problems Prompt Recalls

Ford C-Max car safety display

Ford C-Max car safety display (Photo credit: amcgore)

Airbag problems seem to be a problem this month. Ford has received reports of a malfunctioning side airbag in its economic line of Fiesta vehicles. Over 154,000 cars are affected by the recall in the United States. Specifically, the 2012 and 2013 model years built between November 2, 2009 and September 21, 2012.

Technically, the airbags are up to snuff with the federal safety standards. There is a glitch in the deployment software system that doesn’t unfurl the side curtain airbags when the right rear seat is empty. It’s only a danger to the left rear seat passenger if there is a crash.  Continue reading →

Oct 12

Family of Woman Killed by Border Patrol File Wrongful Death Suit

Border Patrol

Border Patrol (Photo credit: bill85704)

As more details emerge surrounding the case of a young mother shot and killed by a Border Patrol agent, the grieving family has filed a wrongful death suit against the Border Patrol. The young woman was present when plain-clothes agents responded to a report of drug use in a Chula Vista, California apartment. She left and was confronted at her car by a group of agents. She attempted to drive off with one of the agents clinging to the hood of her vehicle. After about 200 yards, the agent on the hood fired into the car multiple times.  Continue reading →