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Oct 12

Family of Woman Killed by Border Patrol File Wrongful Death Suit

Border Patrol

Border Patrol (Photo credit: bill85704)

As more details emerge surrounding the case of a young mother shot and killed by a Border Patrol agent, the grieving family has filed a wrongful death suit against the Border Patrol. The young woman was present when plain-clothes agents responded to a report of drug use in a Chula Vista, California apartment. She left and was confronted at her car by a group of agents. She attempted to drive off with one of the agents clinging to the hood of her vehicle. After about 200 yards, the agent on the hood fired into the car multiple times.  Continue reading →

Oct 12

Accident Report: Fatal Crashes on the Road

California Highway Patrol

It’s a jungle out there on California roads. This week saw some tough accidents, especially as poor weather conditions worsened the roads for the first time in months. Interstate 5 was the site of a fatal crash near Sacramento. In Los Angeles, a cyclist was killed by a sheriff’s car. Meanwhile, safety awareness is priority for the Bay Area town of Mountain View after a summer of pedestrian fatalities.  Continue reading →

Jul 12

More Police Shootings in Anaheim

Police downtown

Police downtown (Photo credit: Toban Black)

The riots and the police shootings seem to be an unending cycle for the city of Anaheim. After two police shootings just this past week alone, and after riot and protest breakouts, another Anaheim police shooting took place on Friday morning, July 27. What violence and protests this will spark is yet to be determined by the public.


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