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CHP Rescue Official Needs Own Rescuing

English: California's Big Bear Lake. Photo tak...

English: California’s Big Bear Lake. Photo taken near China Island looking East  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While trying to help an injured victim, a cop attained his own injuries. On Thursday, July 5, Tony Stanley was rescuing an injured hiker when he was hit by the helicopter’s blades, severely harming him. Stanley’s initial courageous rescue quickly turned into a sudden twist of life and death in a hiking trail near Big Bear Lake.

When a hiker called to report having gotten a broken leg and a dislocated ankle, Stanley was one of two officers called to go and rescue the wounded hiker. The hiker, Jeremy Kilburn, was in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, located in Northern California. The terrain of the National Forest was rugged and accompanied by steep embankment. When the rescue officer started to climb the embankment to go over to the hiker, he was hit by the rotor blades of the aircraft.

Tony Stanley’s act of valor to helped an injured hiker has led to his own personal injuries, pain and suffering.  As Stanley suffered from the primary effects of his wounds, it was the injured hiker, a military doctor, who helped save Stanley’s life. Jeremy Kilburn was a major in the U.S. Air Force who served as a trauma surgeon in Afghanistan. Luckily for Stanley, he received his own rescue hero who was able to save his life.

One of Kilburn’s friends, Dan Grasso, and a group of hikers from a youth group carried the wounded doctor down an embankment and towards the CHP officer so that he could provide medical aid. With Kilburn and a few other people on board the aircraft, Stanley was loaded onto the helicopter and flown into a Redding hospital. The helicopter made the 41 mile trip as IV bags were given to Stanley and pressure applied to his bleeding. Kilburn continued to direct the people on board on what to do in order to keep Stanley alive.

California Highway Patrol will not reveal the extent of Stanley’s injuries because of their privacy rules. However, highway patrol officials have initially described his personal injuries as life-threatening and critical.

Stanley has been a 10-year veteran to the agency. The 40-year old has been trained as a flight officer as well as a paramedic. Rescuing hurt victims was his passion and what he was known to be good at. Sadly, he remains in the hospital for his injuries, fighting for his own life.

Since no further information can be given about Stanley, one can only hope for the best for his recovery. These kinds of accidents are traumatizing, taking a toll on everyone involved. Tony Stanley was—and continues to be—a hero for saving many lives, but this time he needed his own hero.

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