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Construction Scheduled for Congested OC Freeways

Caltrans builds tall "stack" interch...

Caltrans builds tall “stack” interchanges with soaring ramps that offer impressive views. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some freeways in Southern California are about to become a bit less congested. Orange County is working on connecting the carpool lanes of the I-405, I-605, and the 22. Certain parts of Orange County freeways are known for their traffic jams and backed up lanes. Now, city officials are taking action to try to decrease traffic by building wider streets and adding extra lanes.

One traveller states that the I-5 freeway is the worst right now. He states that when crossing from Orange County into L.A. County, the roads are just blocked up and traffic slows down immensely. There are many frustrated and irritated drivers when it comes to these traffic jams. No matter where they drive, traffic and cars seem to be everywhere.

Many drivers begin their commute early in the morning when they know that they have to travel far. By getting up at the crack of dawn—some as early as 5 a.m.—then rush hour jam can be avoided since freeways are fairly empty.

Orange County freeways have surpassed their anticipated capacity, requiring road work to be done in order to decrease the traffic tension. Because of this need, millions of dollars are being used to construct wider freeways. About 30 miles of freeway lanes are in construction currently to meet this demand. Some freeways in construction include portions of the 91 and the 57 freeway. Also, closures on the I-405 and 22 freeway connectors and ramps have been made in order for road construction progress to be made.

More construction will begin in 2013 that will cost about $275 million. The road work project is designed to add a carpool lane in each direction of the I-5 between San Juan and San Clemente. In the year of 2015, more road work will begin that will cost a total of $45 million. It will put a second carpool lane in each direction of the I-5 between the 55 freeway and the 57 freeway. These adjustments will hopefully make more room on the freeways where traffic is normally stagnant.

While these road constructions are underway, it is strongly advised that drivers are careful out in the freeways and be aware of construction workers. Automobiles should remember to slow down at cone zones so that accidents can be prevented and no personal injury or wrongful death be caused.

Southern California is known for its freeways and traffic. Since many families living in California own their own car and many choose to drive themselves rather than carpool, the freeways get fairly heavy when rush hour hits. More cars on the road means more opportunities for accidents. If you have ever been in a car accident while out on the freeways, consult with a San Diego personal injury attorney to file a claim.

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