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Domestic Dispute Leaves One Dead

Mary Easty

Mary Easty (Photo credit: Deaf RED Bear)

On one Sunday evening, a couple had an argument that escaladed to unexpected heights. One could only assume the amount of anger that must have been in place to cause one of the individuals to pull out a gun and aim it at his partner. The rage and clouded thinking that controlled that night also ended that misfortunate evening in a tragic conclusion. Shots were fired; a life was ended.

On Sunday, June 8 a woman was shot and killed in a Costa Mesa neighborhood. It is believed that the gun wound was a result of a heated domestic dispute between the victim and her partner.

The shooting happened in the 2900 block of Redwood Avenue in the neighborhood between Baker and Adams. The single shot was heard at around 6:30 p.m. Cops responded soon after the sound was reported, entering the home and finding two individuals.

When policemen arrived at the home, they found the female victim with gun wounds on her chest. They also found another person in the house: a male who is believed to be the suspect. He was taken into custody. Neither names of the two individuals in the house were released since further investigation is still to be conducted.

These types of incidents can be shocking and devastating. The family of the victim must be grieving the loss of their relative. Domestic disputes rarely escalade to wrongful death; this loss could not have been properly anticipated or expected.

The suspect’s actions will have consequences and will continue to have consequences. With the loss of his domestic partner, it will not be long for him to realize the large scale effects of his careless, anger-filled actions. He not only has to deal with the psychological ramifications of his impulsive choices, but also face the legal justice that will take place afterwards.

With the knowledge of their loved one gone, the victim’s family must deal with the pain and suffering that follows a wrongful death killing. There is no way to bring back a life and there is no way for the family to be with their loved one again. This traumatic fact must be overwhelming and too big of a burden to bear.

If you have lost a loved one in a wrongful death, remember that you can take legal action. By filing a wrongful death claim, you are seeking justice and compensation for your loss. There is no reason to let the guilty party get away for their crime, contact a Los Angeles personal injury attorney today and see what you can do to begin fighting back.

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