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Jealous Ex-Wife Dumps Boiling Water on Ex-Husband

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Shakespeare had it right when he wrote “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” This rings especially true if the scorned woman is your ex-wife. While there is a lesson to be learned about not leaving a woman bitter and jealous, there is also a lesson in controlling your anger. Whether you are a scorned ex-wife or a not, there is no excuse to cause personal injury or even wrongful death to another individual.

One woman who committed a horrible crime as a result of her hot temper will be standing trial on July 31st for murder. Jesusa Tatad, a Daly City resident, poured a pot of hot water on her ex-husband in November 2011. The two divorced in December 2007 but still remained in the same 600-square foot studio apartment. This decision was probably not a smart choice for either party and probably contributed greatly to heated arguments and jealousy.

Ronnie Tatad, 36, was asleep when Jesusa dumped scalding water on him and then proceeded to beat him with a baseball bat. This caused 55% of Ronnie’s body to be burned. He was rushed to the San Francisco General Hospital where he died two weeks later from bacterial blood infection caused by all the burns covering his body.

Ronnie came home on November 26 from work where he was confronted by Jesusa, 39, on whether he was seeing another woman. It was later that night that Jesusa waited until Ronnie was asleep that she heated a pot of water to boiling point, pulled back Ronnie’s covers, and dumped the water. Ronnie leaped from the bed in pain only to be met by a baseball bat. It was a maintenance worker in the apartment building who saw Ronnie running from the building, half naked, and with burned flesh flaking off his hands.

When Ronnie had seen Jesusa coming towards him, he had reportedly become hysterical and shouted at her to stay away from him. Unfortunately, the ex-wife had let her irrational thinking and anger get the best of her. Because of the jealousy she was feeling, Jesusa had caused severe injury to her ex-spouse which later resulted in wrongful death.

Jesusa admitted to dumping hot water on Ronnie when police officers arrived. She, however, pleaded not guilty to the allegations against her. She is currently being held without bail until she faces a judge at her next trial.

While spouses and partners can have multiple fights throughout their relationships, there is never any excuse to cause injury or harm to another victim. Jesusa acted out of rage when she attacked her ex-husband and is now facing the consequences of her actions.

If you have been victim to personal injury or have a loved one who was victim to a wrongful death accident, consult with a San Francisco personal injury lawyer today. Don’t let the guilty party get away with their crime, file a personal injury claim and fight for justice.

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