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Lindsay Lohan Charged in June Car Accident

Lindsay Lohan at Calvin Klein Spring 2007 Fash...

Lindsay Lohan was recently charged with three misdemeanors relating to her June car accident (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the heels of allegations of assault in a New York nightclub, Lindsay Lohan has new legal headache on the opposite coast. Earlier this year in June the troubled starlet was involved in a car accident where she rear-ended a dump truck in Los Angeles. Her statement to authorities clearly says that her assistant was driving and not the “Liz and Dick” biopic star. Now, police believe they have evidence to prove she’s lying. 

Before going into the incident, let’s get the legal mess that Lohan is involved out all laid out. In 2007, she was arrested for drunk driving. She was under the influence of alcohol and cocaine. As a result, she was put on probation and had to go through a state mandated alcohol program. After missing some hearings along with other violations, her probation was revoked. She served minimal jail time.

Following her limited time behind bars, Lohan was still under probation. She violated that after failing a drug test and was again forced to do jail time. After her release, she checked in rehab. Then in 2011, she was convicted of stealing a necklace for which she served time under house arrest. This incident will keep her on probation until 2014.

This year, Lohan had the car accident, was charged of hitting a pedestrian and now is under scrutiny for an assault of a New York psychic. The evidence that shows she lied to the police is a violation of her probation following the necklace theft conviction. While no drugs are alcohol are tied to the accident, lying to the police is a certain violation.

The current charges as a result of the car accident are now reckless driving, lying to police officers and obstructing an investigation. All charges are misdemeanors in California, but they add to a long list of legal problems for the 26 year-old actress. The moral to this story is that when you are in an accident, always tell the truth to the law enforcement officers. It could become a problem later.

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