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Male Driver Killed on Fourth of July Holiday

English: Fireworks at the San Jose America Fes...

English: Fireworks at the San Jose America Festival in downtown San Jose, California on July 4, 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With July 4th gone and past, drivers and pedestrians have survived one of the most accident-prone holidays of the year. Crowded roadways and packed sidewalks contribute to the fact that Independence Day has the most death accidents out of any other day in the entire year. Families traveling to see other relatives, friends visiting friends, and Americans coming out of their homes to watch fireworks add to the hectic status of freeways and side streets. On Wednesday, July 4th, one traveller was not so lucky to escape the accident statistics of this American holiday.

Traveling on the afternoon of July 4th, one man became victim of a tragic accident. An unidentified male driver was driving on the northbound side of the 87 Highway in San Jose when his truck hit the center guardrail, causing his white Nissan truck to flip on its roof. The victim was declared dead on the scene.

This incident is stated to be the first car-related fatal accident that happened on Independence Day in the Bay Area. Many cities take extra precaution during this holiday, warning drivers to be safe and telling people to be cautious out in the freeways and streets. The Bay Area has been doing a good job of keeping its residents and visitors safe since they have had no fatal crashes before this one. However, this accident proves that no matter how hard cities try to keep travellers safe, it is up to the individual(s) to drive in a safe manner. To prevent accidents, all drivers must choose to be careful and watchful.

The driver of the Nissan truck was seen weaving around the 87 northbound lanes before he hit the center divider. The victim is said to be in his late 20s or early 30s. He was found alone in his car. No other automobiles were involved in the crash, and luckily, no other individuals attained personal injury.

While this accident did not involve any other vehicles, many other collisions that happen on this historical holiday involve other careless drivers who are not focused on the road. It is usually negligent drivers who cause personal injury and sometimes wrongful deaths out in the roadways. Whether or not other vehicles are travelling at a safe speed and paying close attention to the road, there are those careless few who crash into other automobiles and create misfortunate harm.

Even though policemen were cracking down on drunk driving and warning residents and visitors to be aware when out in the road, accidents can still happen. If you have found yourself with personal injury due to somebody else’s carelessness, do not hesitate to take legal action. Standing up for your rights and not letting the guilty party get away with their wrong-doings is an action you must choose to take. Don’t let an accident hold you back, consult with a San Jose car accident attorney today and fight back today.

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