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Massive 140 Car Accident Over Weekend in Texas

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The pileup occurred on Interstate 10 outside Houston, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The weekend after Thanksgiving is one of the most traveled days of the year. People pile into the car to make the trek over the river and through the woods, or however they get to their loved ones. Usually, the only thing that gets in the way of the holiday fun is traffic. On one Texas highway, the high number of travelers contributed to a huge wreck of over 140 cars, dozens of injuries and at least two fatalities. 

On Interstate 10 near Beaumont, Texas, the after-Thanksgiving traffic was beset by fog. Visibility was described by witnesses as 10 feet or less visibility. Around 8:45 on November 23, the first impact occurred on the east bound side of the interstate. Soon after, another collision occurred on the west bound side. From there it was a chain reaction of car accident on either side.

It took eight hours to clear over a hundred wrecked cars from the interstate. The accident range covered a mile of roadway. Between 80 and 90 people were taken to the nearby hospitals with injuries. Around a dozen of these victim were in critical condition. The crash required dozens of ambulances and may victims became first responders while they waited for help.

Soon after the crash, police identified the people killed in the crash. A couple from a nearby town were trapped in their Chevy Suburban that was crushed by a 16-wheeler semi truck. Witnesses say the wreckage was so mangled that it was hard to tell where the truck ended and the SUV began.

The investigation into the cause of the chain reaction accident is ongoing. It remains to be see if drivers were responsible for the large scale crash and if they will be prosecuted. Regardless, the poor visibility due to fog was a contributing factor to the sheer number of car crashes on the interstate.

Drivers should take care to drive much slower in low visibility situations and remember that once a crash has occurred, there is a chance that could cause another in the resulting traffic. Wear your seatbelt even if the road is at a standstill or traffic is extremely slow.

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