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Monsoon Weather Strikes Southern California; Beware of Accidents

English: La Jolla, California; view from La Jo...

English: La Jolla, California; view from La Jolla Cove to blacks beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have recently been in Southern California, you may have experienced the strange weather rolling in. Earlier this week, the skies were clear and sunny, and Californians were making trips to the beach to take advantage of this summer weather. Then, almost out of the blue, the skies became gloomy and rain began to fall.

Rain started in on Southern California on Thursday, July 12. Even though the day began sunny and warm, it quickly turned gray and humid. The chances of showers and thunderstorms in the region have increased for Friday, July 13. The further south you go, the higher the chances of rain you get in California for this season. Usually, it is the deserts which receive these thunderstorms since they need the moisture the showers provide. A flash flood warning has even been issued for the Los Angeles mountains, Ventura counties, and the Antelope Valley.

Monsoon season is upon us. Residents of Southern California should put away their bathing suits for now and bust out their rain boots and rain coats. This weather will be accompanied with lightning and thunder as well as a mixture of thick moisture in the air. The high temperature will continue this Friday, ranging from high 60s and mid-70s around the beaches then mid-80s to lower 90s in the inland empire. The hot and stuffy weather is expected to cool down on Saturday.

Southern California (NASA, International Space...

Southern California (NASA, International Space Station Science, 10/24/08) (Photo credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center)

The storm that rolled in on Thursday night had lightning strikes which knocked down electrical lines. Power went out for about 1,000 homes in Southern California because of the rain. When rain falls in the lower half of the Golden State, dealing with the after effects of rain can become a hassle. Not only that, but residents, drivers, and pedestrians must figure out how to handle themselves in this wet weather. Since Southern Californians don’t typically receive much rain, automobile accidents increase as a result of inexperience in driving on wet roads.

Driving carefully this week is strongly advised as there will be plenty of accidents and collisions in freeways and side streets. It will be best to take strong precaution against negligent drivers or slippery roads. Decreasing driving time spent on the congested roads will also decrease your chances of getting into an accident during this monsoon season.

If you have attained any personal injury because of a car accident in rainy weather, you are eligible to file a personal injury claim and to seek payment for your pain and suffering. By contacting a San Diego car accident attorney, you are taking the first step in seeking justice for your injuries and the harm that has been inflicted onto you.

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