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Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing on Interstate 15

Piper Pawnee tow plane

Piper Pawnee tow plane (Photo credit: travelling.steve)

Many people have a fear of flying, heights, or being in a small aircraft and then running out of gas. For a small group of people, their plane running out of gas was their scenario on Sunday night, July 22. A small plane carrying four passengers was able to successfully land on a Southern Californian freeway after it had run out of gas. No one was hurt during the incident and thankfully, no personal injury was attained.

A 1968 Piper plane landed in the Interstate 15 Highway at 11:30 p.m. in Escondido. Pilot Ken Gheysar, who is from the city Orange, was able to safely land the plane. Not panicking and being able to land a plane at the last minute takes skill and good training. Gheysar, 48, safely prevented his passengers from experiencing a traumatic and life-threatening experience. While everyone on the plane may have been shaken up and briefly frightened, they are now safely on ground without any pain and suffering.

The plane had a single engine and had to make an emergency landing 30 minutes north of San Diego when it was heading to Palomar Airport in Carlsbad. There is no information yet on why the plane ran out of gas and how this was not properly anticipated.

Two of the lanes north of the El Norte Parkway were briefly closed as owners and officials moved the plane off of to the side of the road. All lanes are still open on the freeway. The plane was pushed to the shoulder of the freeway after landing and will be removed Monday morning before the morning rush. For those traveling on Interstate 15 around Escondido, they will see something different on their drive down the highway. A single engine plane will be calmly parked on the side of the road, waiting to be moved by authorities.

There was very light traffic on the freeway and no cars were hit when the pilot landed the plane. The only incident reported that was related to the plane landing was a driver clipping the left wing of his pickup truck and receiving very minor damage. Seeing a plane land in front of you in a highway is surprising enough to cause you to veer off the road in shock. Luckily, no other drivers did any sudden maneuvers when they saw a plane come closer and closer to the highway and landing in front of their vehicles.

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