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Nov 12

CHP Wraps Up Drowsy Driving Prevention Week

English: An advisory sign on Interstate 15 in ...

English: An advisory sign on Interstate 15 in Utah near Mt. Nebo. It reminds drowsy drivers to get off the freeway. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is the last day of California Highway Patrol and the National Sleep Foundation’s anti-drowsy driving campaign aimed at educating drivers young and old about the real dangers of driving while drowsy. Sleepy drivers are thought to have caused 3,600 car accidents in 2010, resulting in 32 deaths and 2,000 injuries.  Continue reading →

Nov 12

More Info on Deadly Weekend I-5 Crash

This map shows the incorporated and unincorpor...

This map shows the incorporated and unincorporated areas in Sacramento County, California, highlighting Elk Grove in red. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are further details emerging from the head-on car crash on Interstate 5 near Elk Grove on Sunday evening. Some eye witnesses and survivors of the accident have spoken to the media about the terrifying events that left four dead and seven others injured. Read more about the original story in the first post on this subjectContinue reading →

Nov 12

Crash on I-5 Kills 4, Injures 7 Sunday Night

This map shows the incorporated and unincorpor...

This map shows the incorporated and unincorporated areas in Sacramento County, California, highlighting Elk Grove in red. It was created with a custom script with US Census Bureau data and modified with Inkscape. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The stretch of Interstate 5 that runs from the Central Valley through Northern California tends to be one of the more boring drives in the state. The well traveled road mostly cuts through farmland in this area. It’s flat, largely two lanes in each direction and often smells like manure. Continue reading →

Oct 12

Big Rig Crashes on I-5 Stop Traffic

Deutsch: Newhall Pass Interchange

Newhall Pass Interchange (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was a bad day to be driving a big rig truck on Interstate 5 around Newhall, California today. In two crashes, 9 16-wheeler semi-trucks collided with each other in the truck tunnels on the bypass route for Newhall Pass. The accident caused at least one hospitalization for a driver that was trapped for nearly two hours.  Continue reading →

Oct 12

Accident Report: Fatal Crashes on the Road

California Highway Patrol

It’s a jungle out there on California roads. This week saw some tough accidents, especially as poor weather conditions worsened the roads for the first time in months. Interstate 5 was the site of a fatal crash near Sacramento. In Los Angeles, a cyclist was killed by a sheriff’s car. Meanwhile, safety awareness is priority for the Bay Area town of Mountain View after a summer of pedestrian fatalities.  Continue reading →

Oct 12

Man Crashes Car in Attempt to Kill Self and Passengers

highway 99

highway 99 (Photo credit: Slideshow Bruce)

A northern California man is under arrest after purposefully crashing his vehicle with his child and girlfriend inside in an attempt to end all of their lives. Witnesses told police called to the scene of the domestic dispute that the man and his girlfriend were in a heated argument at the time both entered the vehicle.  Continue reading →

Aug 12

Badly Behaved Drivers Round-Up for California

17-Mile Drive beach, California.

17-Mile Drive beach, California. No cars allowed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all hope we don’t run into these drivers on the road. The ones that throw caution to the wind and end up causing trouble for all their bad behavior. Take note of these accident causing ne’er do wells and make sure you steer clear.  Continue reading →

Aug 12

Car Crashes into Ditch, One Dead

Sacramento California

Sacramento California (Photo credit: www78)

Distracted driving can be the cause of many personal injuries associated with car accidents. Sometimes, negligent driving can even lead to a wrongful death accident. From texting to talking on the phone to falling asleep at the wheel, all these circumstances can lead to a dangerous situation when individuals are in a moving vehicle. These injuries can be inflicted on the person at fault or on innocent victims travelling on the roadway.

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Aug 12

Man Killed by Flying Concrete in Highway Accident

Stonehenge Roadtrip

Stonehenge Roadtrip (Photo credit: cheukiecfu)

A wrongful death accident has occurred on a freeway when chunks of a broken cement divider were sent flying to a driver’s vehicle. This accident has caused many devastated emotions and grief for family members and friends who knew the victim. This type of mishap proves that no matter how safely a driver is travelling, unanticipated circumstances can emerge at the most unexpected times.

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Aug 12

Golden Gate Bridge Shut Down for 10 Minutes

English: Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay...

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The famous landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, was briefly closed down on Friday morning of August 3. California Highway Patrol closed down all the lanes of the bridge to investigate a man who had reportedly spent the night at one of the bridge towers. This type of suspicion is enough to cause officials to investigate and make sure no one’s safety is compromised.

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