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Jul 12

Angry Ex-Girlfriend Causes Car Accident, Charged with Murder

Arvid in his 1965 Triumph Spitfire 4M

Arvid in his 1965 Triumph Spitfire 4M (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A car collision has turned into an investigation for murder. One woman was charged with murder on Tuesday, July 17 for reckless driving that killed a male victim on Saturday, July 14. The car collision had occurred on Saturday afternoon in Sonoma County.

On a Saturday afternoon, 28-year old Heather Ann Howell had a dispute with her ex-boyfriend causing her to act out on her rage. When the fight heated up, her ex-boyfriend jumped on his motorcycle and fled the scene. Howell, still angry, got into her 2001 Acura and began pursuing her boyfriend. Her boyfriend, whose name is not being released since he might be a victim to domestic violence, tried to run away from Howell on his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

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Jul 12

Domestic Dispute Leaves One Dead

Mary Easty

Mary Easty (Photo credit: Deaf RED Bear)

On one Sunday evening, a couple had an argument that escaladed to unexpected heights. One could only assume the amount of anger that must have been in place to cause one of the individuals to pull out a gun and aim it at his partner. The rage and clouded thinking that controlled that night also ended that misfortunate evening in a tragic conclusion. Shots were fired; a life was ended.

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