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Aug 12

Roadside Memorials May Have Time Limit

English: Roadside memorial for Anthony "T...

Roadside memorial for Anthony “Tony” Potter on east side of Route 250  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When someone is killed in a car accident, it’s customary for the family and friends to grieve in whatever way they find most comfort. For some, they choose to mourn their loss by warning others about the dangers of car accidents in the form of roadside memorials.

Some memorials are simple flower wreaths or just a cross in the area where the accident happened. Others create posters and display pictures of the victims of the accident. Some simply ask other drivers to take caution on the road ahead. Continue reading →

Jul 12

CHP Rescue Official Needs Own Rescuing

English: California's Big Bear Lake. Photo tak...

English: California’s Big Bear Lake. Photo taken near China Island looking East  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While trying to help an injured victim, a cop attained his own injuries. On Thursday, July 5, Tony Stanley was rescuing an injured hiker when he was hit by the helicopter’s blades, severely harming him. Stanley’s initial courageous rescue quickly turned into a sudden twist of life and death in a hiking trail near Big Bear Lake.

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