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Nov 12

Understanding Parking Lot Accidents

U park like an as*****

Despite how poorly this car parked, it’s your fault if you hit them in the parking lot (Photo credit: elgringospain)

Brace yourselves because Black Friday shopping is coming. As much as shoppers groan about lines, crowds and lack of sleep, there will be millions flooding stores across the country as soon as they shake off the tryptophan induced grogginess. Before getting to the mall, shoppers have to first find a parking spot in the garages and endless lots of asphalt ringing retail establishments. Considering the reports of trampling and brawling over deep discounts, it’s reasonable to think that fighting for a strategic parking position might cause an accident as well.  Continue reading →

Sep 12

Speaking to a Lawyer: What Info Do They Need?

Crashed Toyota Matrix

Crashed Toyota Matrix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have been in a car accident, sometimes the bigger headache if after the dust settles. You have the other party to talk to and their insurance company. You also have your insurance company to juggle with everything for medical concerns, police reports and auto shop repairs. Speaking to a lawyer shouldn’t add to your headache.  Continue reading →