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Sep 12

Interstate 15 Crash Claims 1 Victim

Interstate 15.

Interstate 15. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Those familiar with Interstate 15, or “the 15″ to locals, know it is one of the most dangerous interstates in the country. The road runs north and south between southern California and northern Montana, with a notable stop through Las Vegas, Nevada.

While many Californians use the 15 corridor for road trips to Sin City, it’s largely a truck route. However, more and more drivers are average commuters speeding their way to and from work. The 15 connects many in the Inland Empire to San Diego and Los Angeles.  Continue reading →

Aug 12

Series of Small Earthquakes Hit Southern California


earthquake (Photo credit: sbpoet)

There have been a multitude of earthquakes recently in Southern California. On Tuesday and Wednesday night, two earthquakes struck the city of Yorba Linda, registering a 4.5 magnitude earthquake. Within a span of 10 hours, the city was struck. Luckily, no personal injury or major damages ensued.

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Jul 12

Construction Scheduled for Congested OC Freeways

Caltrans builds tall "stack" interch...

Caltrans builds tall “stack” interchanges with soaring ramps that offer impressive views. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some freeways in Southern California are about to become a bit less congested. Orange County is working on connecting the carpool lanes of the I-405, I-605, and the 22. Certain parts of Orange County freeways are known for their traffic jams and backed up lanes. Now, city officials are taking action to try to decrease traffic by building wider streets and adding extra lanes.

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Jul 12

Monsoon Weather Strikes Southern California; Beware of Accidents

English: La Jolla, California; view from La Jo...

English: La Jolla, California; view from La Jolla Cove to blacks beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have recently been in Southern California, you may have experienced the strange weather rolling in. Earlier this week, the skies were clear and sunny, and Californians were making trips to the beach to take advantage of this summer weather. Then, almost out of the blue, the skies became gloomy and rain began to fall.

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