*The result for each was dependent on the facts of that case and the results will differ if based on different facts, this does not constitute a guaranty, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your case.


The law provides incalculable, valuable rights to every citizen of the United States, but those rights can be TAKEN AWAY from you if you delay your case! Evidence can be lost, or witnesses can forget important details of your case. If you delay further, the “statute of limitations” can even expire! It could affect the amount of settlement that you are awarded in your fight for JUSTICE.


Our team of professional accident lawyers have collected more than $150,000,000 on behalf of our clients over the past 10 years alone! We have successfully settled more than 95% of our cases out of court which makes it easier on our clients to cope with this difficult time. Our YEARS of experience can help the victims of negligence cases successfully settle their cases.


The adjusters who work for insurance companies only have to deal with an injured person one time, but they have to deal with US every day. We are familiar with the tactics that they use to try and lessen your settlement and we know how to fight them! We can tell you the three questions that the adjuster will use to try to minimize your settlement and how to combat them. Insurance companies possess an ENORMOUS amount of wealth and power that they can use to fight your lawsuit. They have their own lawyers with many years of experience fighting these types of cases. Even if you have insurance on your car, your own insurance company may prove to be your opponent so that they can AVOID paying you the maximum settlement.


The first step to take after your accident is to seek complete medical treatment IMMEDIATELY after your injury. This could SAVE YOUR LIFE because sometimes injuries like head trauma are worse than they appear. If you are talking to an adjuster from an insurance company and they ask you to see a “company doctor,” call your attorney RIGHT AWAY to ensure that your claim is protected. Make sure that you do not sign any statements or accept any offers from your insurance company without getting a second opinion from us. Any statements that you make or legally binding documents that you sign can be used as evidence, so insurance companies sometimes try to get you to sign things that could damage your case even if you weren’t aware of the complete facts when you signed it. Insurance companies are sneaky and not always trustworthy. They may have you sign documents that release your confidential records or authorize them to end your right to collect your full, due compensation. Another important thing to keep in mind is to NEVER accept the help of legal clinics. They are not competent enough to handle your case. You need an experience, resourceful and skilled personal injury lawyer in order to regain full compensation for your loss.


When you are choosing your lawyer, make sure to read the fine print! This cannot be emphasized enough. Choosing your lawyer may be the single most important thing that you do to successfully win your case. If you choose a lawyer that promises EXTREMELY low fees, you may end up losing a lot of money in the end because they will not win the full compensation that you are entitled to. Our attorneys can even give you advice about how to choose the best lawyer for your case.


When discussing your case with a potential lawyer, make sure that you look at their record of success. Most legitimate lawyers will be more than happy to show you the numbers of cases that they have successfully won. This can show you what you are in for with any potential law firm and show you what type of settlement to expect. If you go through a private referral service, expect that they may charge you for their “service.” Sometimes the law firms that they will refer you to even PAY to be included on the list of possibilities. This goes to show that these law firms are not necessarily qualified to work on your case and are only out to get your money! A successful law firm like ours does not need to try these tawdry tricks because our RECORD OF SUCCESS speaks for itself!


Our law firm works on a CONTINGENCY FEE BASIS. This basically means that you don’t have to pay a single cent unless we win your case. A contingency fee is a percentage of the money collected from your settlement that covers our fees. This means that while you are still settling your case and recuperating from your accident, you do not have to worry about money! We will LEND you the money to help you while you are recovering. This means LESS STRESS for you and your family. Our ability to determine ALL of the people responsible for you accident (and therefore liable for the damages) is unparalleled. Best of all, we will explain everything to you CLEARLY and THOROUGHLY so that you won’t have to worry about hidden fees. We know how to help the victims of negligence cases and we can help you cope throughout this difficult time.


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