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Brain Injury Lawyer

The human brain can arguably be one of the most important organs in the human body, besides the heart. Even now, science cannot fully understand the complexities of a brain. With the mind, we are able to think, function, and perform various duties that make a human being intelligent by design. Because the brain is where all our knowledge is stored, and where we are able to send out commands to other body parts, it is vital that it is protected and treasured. When the brain is injured, so is the individual’s entire life. It is because of the seriousness of any head trauma injury that victims should immediatly contact a brain injury lawyer so that they can be compensated fairly

Traumatic brain injury is one of the leading causes of death for people under 45-years old. How does an individual acquire brain injuries? A brain injury can happen anytime there has been a strong hit on the head, whether by a motorcycle accident, a sharp fall, playing sports, and all types of vehicle accidents. They can range significantly from mild to very severe injuries that can drastically change an individual’s life. Since the brain is very fragile, it is naturally protected and incased by a skull. However, a hard blow to the head can still reverberate through the skull and injure the brain, causing serious side effects.

An example of an individual receiving a brain injury can be a professional boxer. Since it is a boxer’s job to throw punches, boxers can usually suffer from permanent brain damage from all the jabs and hits they receive. Other sport professionals such as football players and race car drivers face the possibility of getting brain injuries. Luckily, in these sports a helmet is worn to protect the head; yet sometimes brain injuries can still occur. In some cases, a brain has the ability to recover from a concussion but researchers are still unclear of how much force a brain can take.

Whiplash after or during an accident can affect the brain. When the head is whiplashed, part of the brain can be bruised or suffer from an injury. It is not just the initial impact that can impair the mind but also the after effects of the impact. When the skull is hit hard enough, the skull may be fractured and the bone pushed against the brain. This in itself can cause serious injury to the mind and should be looked after immediately. Falling on the floor from slipping or hitting the steering wheel during a car accident can all cause skull fractures and therefore, brain injuries.

Some common noticeabe signs of brain injuries are: loss of awareness, lethargy, headaches, and suddenly poor eyesight. Slurred speech, paralysis, bad short or long-term memories are signs of a very severe brain injury and should be looked at by a physician. As soon as an individual gets involved in an accident that involved blows to the head, he or she should get a doctor to ensure that no brain damage was done. If there were any brain injuries inflicted, calling a head injury attorney can help a person sort out any legal matters associated with the accident.



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