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Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

From minor injuries to catastrophic life-changing damages, personal injury from accidents can take up many forms. For a serious case scenario, spinal cord injuries can be the result of a horrific and terrifying accident. These types of injuries will also involve many medical bills, therapy sessions, and countless other costly solutions. Luckily, a victim of an accident can seek compensation from the guilty party of the accident. That’s when a spinal cord injury lawyer can help you or someone you know who has suffered from spinal cord injuries. The spinal cord is a vital structure in the human body and once it is damaged, a person’s life may never be the same.

Together with the brain, the spinal cord makes up the human body’s central nervous system. The spinal cord is a very delicate and interesting body part. Its main job is to transmit neural signals from the brain to the rest of the body. Without it, what the brain commands cannot be heard or received. Therefore, when one part of the spinal cord is damaged, certain body parts cannot perform the acts the mind wants it to.

When the spinal cord is injured, the result can be disastrous. Sometimes the damage is reversible and sometimes it is permanent. However, most spinal cord injuries are permanent and cause some kind of disability, a loss of sensation, and in some cases immobility. Beginning symptoms of this injury can include loss of consciousness, back pain, weakness, loss of feeling in certain body parts, and loss of movement. The magnitude of this injury can vary from back damages that can be recovered and healed through therapy to permanent paralysis with little chance of recovery.

Injuries can happen due to car accidents, slip and falls, and other instances where damages are taken on the spinal cord. About 37% of spinal cord injuries are caused by vehicle accidents and about 21% are caused by falls. It is unfortunate that about 11,000 Americans obtain this injury per year. This shows that this type of accident can happen to just about anybody, anywhere. Receiving this kind of injury can come out of nowhere, despite how careful you have been. If you have been in an accident, remember that you have California personal injury attorneys to help you decipher what to do next in terms of claims and legal matters. There is no reason to endure this pain alone.

Don’t let this injury stop you from getting what you deserve. The victim of an accident is entitled to seek compensation for the medical bills, injuries, and the pain they’ve had to endure. Personal injury attorneys will fight on your behalf, making sure your voice is heard and that this injury does not go overlooked. A victim of spinal cord injuries has had their life turn into an unexpected direction. It is unfair that an accident that was not their doing has caused such great pain and sorrow. Call a spine injury attorney to help you move through this time and settle this issue once and for all.



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