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Theme Park Accident Lawyer

Imagine a fun-filled day suddenly turning into a horrifying event. Victims of theme park accidents as well as their families had to face this kind of situation and endure the pain and suffering that followed it. Theme park attractions are coated in an appeal of endless fun but what most amusement park guests do not know is that these rides cause thousands of injuries each year…not the typical expectation of a thrill seeker. If you or someone you know is injured at a theme park then you should consult with a theme park accident lawyer right away.

Amusement park rides can take the form of roller coasters, bumper cars, water rides, etc. These types of attractions are abundant and can be found in almost every theme park. Their speed, height, and uniqueness reel in visitors to give them a try. For most guests, they will be able to experience the excitement and fun the rides have to offer; but for a misfortunate few, they will experience a day where personal injuries, defective rides, and/or negligent staff will turn their day upside down.

Some common injuries from theme park rides can include one or more of the following: head and neck injuries, back injuries, death, brain injury and aneurysms, broken bones, drowning (from water rides), and many more. These injuries can result from a ride malfunctioning or even from something being overlooked such as the forces and whip-lash experienced while the ride is in motion.

Theme parks attract customers of all ages, brandishing the appeal of candy, food, and of course, the roller coasters. What is hidden behind this imagery of fun and adventure are the dangers and accidents lurking behind. While most rides are safe and tested, accidents can spring forth and cause calamities of all sorts without any future warning. When a theme park visitor experiences this accident, what is he or she to do? Most roller coaster riders don’t take into the account the possible accidents that can occur. Most riders expect safe and fun rides—as they should.

The government regulates amusement park rides and the park maintenance crew has a responsibility to make sure rides are safe. The security and well-being of the theme park’s guests is a duty that must never be forgotten by the workers. Considering the number of people who attend amusement parks each year, the number of injuries and fatal accidents may seem miniscule. Ride-goers may assume that the odds are in their favor, but for victims, the odds are never in their favor.

Experiencing amusement park injuries can happen at any time, putting an immediate stop to the fun and exhilaration and replacing it with worry, pain, and grief. If you or someone you know has found themselves injured from a theme park ride, consult with an amusement park injury attorney of what your options are. If you have been a victim, remember that your pain and personal injuries were not your fault. Theme park owners are responsible for the safety and security of their guests; they must be held liable if necessary. File a claim if you have been an accident victim and hire a personal injury lawyer to fight for your rights.



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