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Truck Accident Lawyer

While cruising down the freeway, numerous trucks can be seen driving by. In this day and age, many deliveries are sent via ground transportation. Big rigs, semis, and trucks are drifting about on the roads, trying to make it to their destinations. These trucks prove to not be a hindrance to drivers; automobile drivers and truck drivers seem to know how to share the road. However, there are some instances when the two collide, showing that accidents do occur and injuries do happen. In an event such as this it is imperative that you contact a Truck Accident Lawyer as soon as possible.

Truck accidents are considered to be one of the more dangerous ones out in the road. Its big size, weight, and bulk are more detrimental to the other car drivers than it is to the truck driver. For this reason, most truck accidents leave the passengers in the other car with more serious injuries than the driver and passenger of the truck.

Accidents involving big rigs and semis usually are caused by the truck driver’s fatigue and distraction. Since trucks are used to deliver products to distant places, this requires the driver to make long trips, sometimes without a break if deadlines are to be met. Other times the driver takes on more hours in one shift than is allowed, increasing the chance of fatigue and accidents.

Just because the driver was suffering from fatigue does not mean the victim had to endure the trauma and injuries that happened in the accident. A victim has a right to file a claim and receive compensation for any medical bills and pain endured. Not only that, but a victim also has a right to hire a lawyer to fight for the rights of the victim and to help with legal matters following the accident.

In addition to fatigue, accidents can happen in other ways. Sometimes, a big rig is overloaded. This makes the truck too heavy, making stopping and going slower. The truck driver will have a slower time accelerating and decelerating. Therefore, if a truck driver is distracted and a car merges in front of him, even if the driver saw the car in time, the truck may not stop at the right moment. A car crash can still happen, and lives can still be endangered.

Losing a loved one in a wrongful death of a car accident is a trying time. We understand that a victim may not want to deal with legal matters but instead to focus on grieving and healing from the loss. We encourage families of the injured or departed individual to take the necessary time to be with family and handle the loss. It’s never right to have a close relative or friend suddenly be taken away from you. At this law firm, we will help you file a claim and get compensation for your grief and loss. We know that a lawsuit and compensation will never replace a human life or heal a serious injury; however, it will help the guilty party face up to their wrong-doing and take responsibility for what has happened. Fight for justice, and hire a big-rig accident attorney before it is too late.



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